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Need a new logo, a fresh look for your company?  Maybe your company wants to generate apparel for staff to wear and would like the upscale look of embroidery.  We can embroider outerware, polos, dress shirts, hats or whatever you need.  We work with brands such as Outer Banks, Holloway, Badger Sportswear, Hanes, and many more! Check out our links page for apparel and accessory ideas from Alpha Broder. Once you find an item you like, just contact us and we will put together an estimate.

Printed Apparel


Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, whatever your printing needs just let us know and we will help you out.  Print one side or both, 1 color or 4 color. If you need a design created we can assist you with that as well.  We can design a full front like the That's How I Roll shirt pictured above or for a business you may want to have your company logo printed as a small left chest design on the front and then have a full back design that highlights your company's contact information and details on services you provide.

Promotional Products


In addition to apparel and accessories, we can help you with print materials like business cards and envelopes.  If you are in need of a fresh, updated look for your website, we can assist you with this as well.  Mugs, pens, thumb drives, umbrellas, magnets, picture frames and cooler bags are just a few of the promotional products we can help you create for your company or organization.  Check out our links page for promotional product ideas from Norwood.


"When it came time for us to choose a vendor for our business apparel and promotional materials, the decision was easy. Gail Force Designs product line, quality merchandise, attention to detail and incredible customer service separates them from the competition. Always top notch, always on time and within quote, we couldn't ask for a better partner to help with showcasing our brand than Gail Force!"

Kevin McGee, Old Shoe Productions

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